About Decor Republic

Décor Republic was launched in July 2013 in response to a very clear décor demand that was emerging in the sector. Décor Republic is by no means a newcomer to the décor milieu though as we have been serving the wholesale and retail markets throughout South Africa for decades.

However, we saw that the selection of unusual and desirable décor products

And so was born the desire to offer a product range that is unique and authentic whilst also remaining affordable.

This led us to travel both East and West, to countries as diverse as Thailand and Vietnam for items that are imaginative and unusual as well as to Italy, Poland and Portugal to source products whose décor heritage is one of timeless design, exquisite detail and heirloom quality.

And so was born the desire to offer a product range that is unique and authentic whilst also remaining affordable.available to the market in South Africa had become significantly limited due to the economic slowdown being experienced globally.

To our delight, we managed to source products such as our Belle Epoque chairs, a range launched at the Salon Milano in April 2014, which represent a sublime combination of traditional and contemporary styles and influences.

Décor Republic’s intensive and expanding source area and our unwavering emphasis on choosing only that which is authentic and individualistic has resulted in us featuring an exciting variety of new furniture and lighting ranges as well as unusual and breathtaking accessories and signature items, all expressing our intense passion for original and exciting design.

Our design ethos is driven by our emphasis on remaining a leader in identifying emerging international trends and adapting them to the South African lifestyle and so we strive constantly to anticipate every customer need and want. We take immense pride in fact that, due to our diverse design product source area, we predict some of the trends that have yet to arrive in South Africa. We are thus able to ensure our clients have access to these before the products or trends become mainstream.